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Conference – Clean Ocean and Mapping Our Seas

Conference – Clean Ocean and Mapping Our Seas

Human activity has irrevocably impacted our oceans, posing significant threats to marine ecosystems and cultural heritage.

The conference “Clean Oceans and Mapping our Seas” seeks to address these pressing issues by bringing together experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts to explore innovative digital solutions and strategies that can be used to aid the documentation and interpretation of these issues on cultural heritage.

The Project Coordinator, Charalambos  Georgiadis, Professor of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, will present ENIGMA and focus on highlighting the 3D digitization of cultural heritage and presenting the cutting-edge methodologies and technologies that exemplify state-of-the-art practices in Europe.

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The conference aims to:

1. Raise awareness about the interconnection between clean oceans and preserving maritime cultural heritage.

2. Showcase advancements in digitization technologies for documenting underwater cultural heritage.

3. Foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among stakeholders, including museums, research institutions, and government agencies.C

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