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Work Packages
ENIGMA’s detailed work plan is been presented, broken down into work packages (WPs) which follow the logical phases of the implementation of the project, and include consortium management and assessment of progress and results.
WP1. Project Management and coordination

WP1 will ensure the success of the project through appropriate coordination by providing tools and procedures.

  • Project results and objectives are reached within the contractual timeframe and budget.
  • Strategic and technical coordination of the project, including project reporting to EC.
  • Smooth administrative and financial management, including resources monitoring.
  • Quality control and risk management.
  • Management of innovations generated by the project.
  • Management of legal and ethical issues.
  • Technological structure definition for both internal communication and task management.
WP2. Conceptualization and System Architecture

WP2 will identify the user requirements and functional specifications of the ENIGMA solution.

The main objectives are to:

  • Engage end-users in designing the optimal ENIGMA solution for their needs, using co-creation methods.
  • Identify a comprehensive set of requirements that will guide technological development.
  • Describe the main functionalities of the ENIGMA tools.
  • Support the definition of technological requirements as well as the refinement of scenarios and pilot evaluation framework.
WP3. Technologies of digital identification and tracking of Cultural Goods
WP3 will research and develop the necessary technological tools for the identification of registered as well as unregistered CGs. These assume that the following tasks are performed:
  • Modelling of a CG Digital Twin, develop a prototype and exemplify it with various CG types.
  • Clustering CGs by exploring contextual relationships.
  • Exploiting metadata analysis to interlink disparate repositories.
  • Monitoring endangered heritage sites with EO tools.
WP4 Technologies for decision-support and public engagement

WP4 will research and develop the necessary technological tools for decision-support on CGs provenance.

These assume that the following tasks are performed:

  • Exploit and integrate the developed tools in WP3 into an advanced decision-making workflow
  • Develop a LEA scenario building engine
  • Extend the decision support mechanism to provenance research.
WP5 Integration & Testing

WP5 objectives are to

  • Integrate the tools developed in WP3 and WP4 into the ENIGMA Decision-Support Platform
  • Extend the platform to also include Data and Communication exchange capabilities
  • Further enhance it with public engagement and training modules
WP6 Pilot Cases Implementation, Tools Demonstration and Validation

WP6 will:

  • Validate the developed tools based on actors’ needs and technical constraints,
  • Select and define the pilot cases with realistic scenarios for validating ENIGMA, and
  • Design and validate the overall architecture
WP7 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation

WP7 will:

  • Develop the dissemination and communication strategy and plans of the project.
  • Raise awareness of key actors about the project concept, developments, and findings.